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Dedicated Educators

As a school board director in District 5 of Oakland, I believe it is essential to recognize and reward the dedicated educators who are working so hard for our students. Educators should be paid fairly for their work, have access to resources and trainings that will help them do their jobs better, adequate prep hours during the day, and supports at each school site. We must fill district vacancies with qualified candidates in order to create a comprehensive plan illustrating how each school site will be resourced to meet the needs of their unique communities. 

Under my leadership, I am committed to uplifting policies that directly increase support systems within our schools while also creating partnerships with district families and local organizations in order to creatively resource our most vulnerable populations such as special education learners or families facing economic hardship. Furthermore we can implement sensitivity training programs throughout all levels of staff along with family engagement practices which can help bridge any gaps between home life and academic success for students across the district . Finally active School Site Councils need representation from teachers themselves so they may voice concerns regarding curriculum changes , budget allocations etc..   By recognizing these needs , we can ensure equity among all learners regardless if they are learning remotely or face-to-face instruction this upcoming year . When educators feel appreciated by having access necessary tools needed plus fair compensation then it allows them more time focusing on what matters most – teaching! As your leader I am confident together through collaboration we shall strive towards creating an equitable educational system where every student has opportunity reach his/her fullest potential!

Responsible Budgeting

As a potential school board director in District 5 of Oakland, I am committed to ensuring that our district is financially responsible and equitable. To achieve this goal, it is essential for us to take control of our finances and make sure the decisions made stay local. We must implement budgeting practices that prioritize student access to resources while also minimizing wasteful spending. 

To ensure we are making sound financial decisions, we must conduct an equity impact analysis on all investments before they are made by the district. Additionally, no school closures should be considered unless absolutely necessary due to budgetary reasons or other pressing factors such as safety concerns or overcrowding issues; these measures should only be taken after careful and deliberation with stakeholders from all affected communities involved in the process. Furthermore, any current investments should undergo an audit so their effectiveness can be evaluated and unnecessary spending can then be reduced accordingly as needed.  Transparency will play a key role in informing public school families and the greater Oakland community about how funds are being managed within Oakland public schools. I commit to providing timely updates on outcomes related to each investment decision made by the Board under my leadership. I want to rebuild the trust between constituents & elected officials which will further strengthen community involvement as well as accountability across departments/divisions within our district's infrastructure.

Engaged School Communities 

It is essential that we increase family engagement within our schools and deep increase community engagement at the district level. This can be done by ensuring each school site has an active School Site Council as mandated by California Education Code. Such councils should include full participation from principals, teachers, parents and students alike so that everyone’s voice can be heard on how best to improve student outcomes. 

When families are engaged in meaningful ways inside a school's walls they become better advocates for their children - leading to improved attendance rates which have been proven time again as being integral for academic success; not just grades but also social/emotional growth too! Additionally having strong communities around each individual site will create a sense of belonging which helps build resilience amongst young people who may otherwise feel isolated or unsupported during difficult times such as these pandemic ones we are currently living through together right now!  Under my leadership I believe strongly that engaging both families & communities within our schools will lead us closer towards achieving successful educational outcomes across District 5.


Accountable District Leadership

 I will be a leader who is committed to making sure our schools are working in the best interests of its students and community. My leadership style will prioritize inclusive decision-making that listens to all voices and respects their input when it comes time for decisions about how resources should be allocated or which programs should receive funding. I understand that those closest to an issue often have the most insight into what works best, so their opinions must not only be welcomed but prioritized when creating education policies. 

I am also dedicated to leading with integrity and being accountable for my actions on behalf of district 5's constituents. This means taking responsibility for any mistakes made while also ensuring transparency throughout every step of policy implementation process. It's essential that everyone feel confident knowing they can trust their leaders – this includes holding myself responsible and making myself available to the community I hope to serve. As your school board director, you can count on me take ownership over my role while always keeping student success at the forefront during times where difficult decisions need to be made . With your vote, we can continue building towards a better future together by implementing policies based upon sound judgement and effective collaboration between stakeholders across our district.


Multi-cultural Competency

As the school board director for District 5, I am committed to honoring Oakland’s rich and vibrant history. From the Black Panther Party to Fred Korematsu to the Guerrerenses and Oaxaqueños of Costa Chica who have made Oakland home, our district has a unique cultural heritage that must be reflected in our schools and communities. It is time we take action by way of policy implementation so that all students have access to quality education that affirms their identity. 

I will push forward initiatives such as providing teachers with intentional resources for teaching students from diverse backgrounds as well as training on multi-cultural competency so everyone feels safe and a sense of belonging in their classrooms. We also need more funding allocated towards programs like bilingual education which help bridge language barriers between teachers/students while empowering them through knowledge acquisition about different cultures within our district. Furthermore, I want us to focus on developing strong relationships between families/schools where parents are engaged partners in their children’s learning process instead of just being observers at parent-teacher conferences or open house events every year..  It is my goal as your school board director that each student receives equitable educational experiences no matter what public school they attend.


Art by: Desi Mundo IG @withoutmyego  

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